The following are a sample of testimonials sent to us directly. For more reviews of our company, check out Facebook, Yelp, and Google+:

I just bought my first motorcycle from Travis Mitchell at Mitchell Family Motor Trikes. I got a 01 Kawasaki Vulcan. He helped me pick out a bike that fit my needs. I'm a little tall and he was more than helpful to put me on the safest and best bike for me (within a budget that worked for me).

Mitchell Family Motor Trikes does their own financing and compared to any other place I checked out they had easily the lowest interest rates. He helped me out and looked out for my best interest the entire time. I will easily be returning for everything bike related. This is one dealership that is true to their word and can definitely be counted on. They WILL NOT disappoint!!!

Thank you so much for such an easy and stress free experience!

-Matthew D
I want to personally recommend this company to all my friends and family. These guys made my dream of owning my own trike come true. I can not thank you enough. A personal note to Justin, your personal attention and knowledge of the bikes made the buying experience a truly pleasurable one! Thank you again!

-James Currington

Attached are before and after photos of your install of the Wing Bling painted parts.  The "new" bike is beautiful, and Pat did a first-rate job on this!  I am very pleased, and you have my hearty recommendation!  In fact, I participated in the Gillespie County Fair parade yesterday, and my fellow Chapter O rides were all asking about the bike.  Of course I told them about Mitchell Family Motor Trikes -- and of course, they knew who you were (there were three trikes in the group!).

Please feel free to use these pictures as you want.  I have more and if you are looking for anything in particular (as long as it is not the original bike ;-) I can take more.

Thank you again for doing this very involved install.  I know it was more than either of us was expecting, and you have my strong recommendation for your integrity, honesty, and communication all through this process.

-- Dave
My wife recently passed away and I have been looking for distractions to take my mind off of things. I decided to rent a motor trike for the day from Mitchell Family Motor Trikes in Austin for a cruise through the hill country. I had never ridden a trike before so I was a little apprehensive at first. Travis was very patient and informative as he went over the trike with me and expained how to operate the controls, rear suspension and storage compartments. He answered all of my questions and took all of the time that I needed before I headed out.

The trike that I rented was a beautiful Honda Goldwing. What you immediately notice is how comfortable and stable it is on the road, not to mention at stops, where you don't have to put your feet down. I took a backroad loop from Austin to Fredericksburg and spent about five hours on the road. The trike was well-maintained and ran flawlessly. I was completely comfortable after only a few miles and was able to enjoy a safe, stress-free Spring day in Central Texas. I highly recommend renting a trike from Mitchell Family Motor Trikes. It is by far the best way to enjoy the beauty of Central Texas.

-Patrick Murphy
In March we rented one of Mitchell's Trikes from the Austin store. We were so surprised on how it handled and we totally enjoyed ourselves while riding. We went down 290 to Hwy 12 to 150 then to 3237 into Wimberly then back onto hwy 12 & 290. The roads were awesome with all the curves, and we were so impressed with the Honda Goldwing Trike that we are interested in purchasing one in the future. THANKS For the fun!

-Ken and Dot
I would like to thank you guys for renting the trike to me, it was really fantastic. My trip started at the store on Hwy 290 and I headed up Hwy 71 to Marble Falls. I chose this route as I wanted to be in traffic and get the real feel for everyday driving. I rode a trike several years ago for about 10 minutes and was very nervous and apprehensive about the steering and turning. This time all of that disappeared within the first 15 minutes! These were some of the things that I really liked about the trike:
  1. You take up a whole lane on the highway and get more respect from other motorists.
  2. You never have to put your feet down when you stop or worry about putting your foot in a spot of oil or water.
  3. There is certainly a feeling of security and stability with a trike that you dont have with a conventional bike. The trike was very stable at all times and at all speeds.
  4. Once I got used to the steering it was very easy to corner at cruising speeds. It is my suggestion that anyone purchasing a trike would certainly want to have the rake on the front end.
I am already making plans to rent again and take my wife along this time.

Thanks again for a great experience and I look forward to my next rental soon.

-Craig Gold